Expert Work

With several of our installers with us for over a decade, we have refined a system of efficient installation coupled with a high level of attention to detail. We typically maintain a dozen electricians on staff who have all been together for several years, and sincerely enjoy the work they do with the people they work with. There are also several dogs on staff at the office who help us hold the office furniture down.

Our portfolio of projects is second to none

The key to any successful project is clear communication from start to finish. At A-Phase Electric, it is imperative that communication begins at an early stage and is maintained throughout the duration of the project, clarifying expectations from concept to completion, resulting in minimized oversights. Our firm has been involved with some of the largest revenue real estate sales of new custom high end residences with some of the top builders in the Vail Valley. The evolution and success of our relationships with our clients has allowed us to continue to maintain our status as a premium quality electrical contractor within the construction market in the Vail Valley.

Our close coordination with project management, and diligent quality control procedures and standards provide the customer with a superior installation and the builder with a great addition to their project portfolio. All of our projects are managed on a cloud based system which allows the details of the project to be shared between the office and the field personnel, and allows for efficient documentation regarding scope changes and project design modifications, fixture part numbers, and many other pertinent details that allow us to manage our projects with pinpoint accuracy.

Friendly Attitudes

A main aspect of our hiring process is based on people skills and problem solving ability. Our electricians and project management team enables us to "stack" labor on jobs when necessary, as well as allow us to manage several large projects simultaneously. We have a consistent rate of success in meeting project deadlines, and being able to complete a large volume of work in a short amount of time when a project schedule calls for an accelerated pace.

Industry-best Quality

Custom design-build and/or collaboration with the design team who could include an interior decorator and/or lighting design contractor. This is a common approach for custom high-end residential work. Some of our work has been involved with record breaking real estate transactions in Vail, Beaver Creek, Singletree, Cordillera and Red Sky Ranch. 

Accurate Estimates

Our extensive and repeated use of the McCormick Estimating system for over a decade has proven to be an accurate and practical solution for our electrical bids. Our projects are built "virtually" by section in the bid takeoff, and we are able to provide detailed reports of specific electrical light fixtures, outlets, appliances or any other applicable notations that may be subject to design change and/or review. This system allows for a very clean view of what is initially counted when referenced on the initial site walk with the design team, or to contrast with revised releases of architectural drawings. This also allows for a very accurate bid take-off and proposal, and can provide COR's swiftly and efficiently.

Whatever your project, we've got the experience